Friday, October 31, 2014

Hola Fitness | Fitness Photography

There are those people in life who can light up a room and turn any frown upside down. Mercedes, owner and instructor at Hola Fitness, is one of them. An amazing women inside and out and one incredible Zumba instructor and trainer, her classes are so high energy and fun. I was so happy to do some shots for her and her business. Now to to get my butt back Zumbaing!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Miss Madison | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

What a doll just love her, so snugly and cute. I don't do home session very often but with some great aspects to their house the backdrops were beautiful, always a treat to get out of the studio. Congrats to the both of you she's just beautiful.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

J&B Rehman Wedding | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Let me just say I love these to. I always grow to love all my clients but over the years of getting to know these 2 each day and moment I grew a new appreciation for them both. I have worked with Jenelle I believe 6 years and over the years I really have come to call her my friend and appreciate all that she is and does. I have gotten to know a lot of her family and some friends, you are who you surround yourself with, and this is one truly amazing group of people. Brendan is perfect for her calm quiet, with a warm heart and quick with his sutdle remarks cause we all know Jenelle is anything but quiet lol. Jenelle is super outgoing and would lend a hand to anyone, when she set's her mind to something she goes full board. Brendan with his strong nature is right there to support her through it all. I was supper excited for this wedding and seeing all the little tid bits they were preparing just added to my anticipation. Well the day came and it was nothing short of magical every detail planned out and made to perfection showcasing all these 2 are about, right down to the duck calls for them to kiss. At one point Momma Bear turned to me and said is this country enough or what, yes yes it is and Momma Bear I love your thumbs up after the ceremony truly fitting. It is amazing what happens when everyone comes together and with amazing friends and family there was no shortage of love and smiles through out the day. Probably one of the few weddings where every guest was on the dance floor all night. Jenelle you looked magnificent and glowed all day and Brendan your smile was contagious. Surrounded by all that love you both the warmth was overflowing. I wish you both all the best on this new chapter of your journey together, I know together you will do great things. Thank you for having me be a part of your amazing day!