Wednesday, September 8, 2010



I hope everyone's summer was wonderful. I can't believe fall is fast approaching, along my drive this weekend I saw the leaves changing color, it is just crazy. With fall almost hear don't miss your chance for some beautiful family photo's there's noting more wonderful then the fall colors and the memories you can make playing in the leaves.  Also allowing you to revamp those Christmas cards with some fresh photo's.

"Don't forget there's a Fall Family Giveaway going on as well" check out the blog or join me on facbook for details

Many exciting things are happening this month. We are moving, still in Stony Plain so don't worry. In turn AJ Photography will be moving as well. I am supper excited as the studio will be a bit bigger and most of all more storage for props(essentially this means I can acquire more props lol) and will give me a chance to have a fresh new look for the studio. As such the studio is now closed until mid Oct. (boo) but I will be still doing outdoor shoots (hurray). Also this month I have the pleasure of being the photographer for the Spruce Grove / Stony Plain RCMP Community Regimental Ball, something that is personally important to me.

A side note to those who have been following the journey and triumph of my stepmother against Breast Cancer. She is officially done Chemo and is doing fantastic. Also my father shaved his head for cancer and in doing so raised $5500.00, just incredible. This journey has touched so many people in so many ways and has truly opened my heart and mind. Here is a couple pics from the event.

I send a thank you out to everyone for there support and for making this a fantastic summer I look forward to seeing many of you this fall.

Keep smiling


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