Thursday, May 27, 2010

As Time Passes

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. My Family and I headed to Manitoba to see Friends. 11 hours each way but I got to photographer the cutest 2 year old ever and that made it so worth it. Seeing the friends was ok to lol.

Alot of you have been asking about my Step Mom and how she is doing. At this point she is doing good actually better then good, amazing, she has overcome so much and done it in such a way that only she could.  I unfortunately have not been able to really see her since treatment started but talk to her and my father regularly to find out how things are going. I will be seeing her soon as we are working on coveralls together for an upcoming themed wedding I'm doing in July.  I thank you for the continual support and concern it means so much to me.

Spring is here and summer is closely behind though with the weather it has not been the most enjoyable, it is still a great change from the snow and rain can make for fun pictures if you've got the right attitude.

June is going to be a crazy month full of fun and laughter, Amy and Devon's wedding is fast approaching, with an outdoor garden theme it is sure to be amazing. Ellie & Jim Schwabs Reception will soon follow after that, they are putting a lot of hard work into it doing everything themselves.  I will get to see so many new faces and returning ones this month and all while making new memories supper pumped. 

Keep Smiling

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