Thursday, February 8, 2018

Baby Photography| Little Miss F | Stony Plain Baby Photographer

There is many stages in the first year of a babies life.  At 3 months we concentrate on expressions, wide eyes and lots of tummy time.  Sometimes we are even lucky enough to get a few sleepy shots.  It is never to late to capture your precious little one, contact me to know more about different options and stages we can document.

It was so lovely to meet this little 3 month old Freyja, those eyes seriously........heart melt!

Although normally this would be when I would aim for tummy time Freyja had a different idea and much preferred her back, hey a girls knows what she wants.  Being cute and beautiful is hard work and she even had a little quick nap for us......yeah sleepy baby shots!

Thank you so much for having me document you beautiful little girl.

Newborn and Baby Photographer Stony Plain


  1. I could just cry, you captured the pure beauty of our granddaughter! Thank you so much Angela for your talent and patience, we love the pictures (insert heart melt here!)