Monday, February 20, 2017

Kelly Family | Maternity Photographer

What incredible weather we have been having it was plus 12 this day and we were soaking it up. I had the pleasure of photographing these two when they were anticipating little Dax. Now look at him all grown up and full of energy as they await the arrival of baby number 2. Dax will make an awesome big brother. Congrats to you all can't wait to meet little one!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bridget is 1 Year | Stony Plain Photographer

One is such a great age, personality really starts to shine as these little ones come into their own.
I had the pleasure of meeting Bridget for her one year photos and cake smash. Mom warned me that she loved cake but her expressions were amazing from nonchalant to excitement and then the look of who me at the end. When she was all done we took the cake away and well that was not happening lol. Sign's of yet to come, she will have her cake and eat it to!

The Beauty in the Frost | Stony Plain Maternity Photographer

The frost we have been having this winter is amazing!

I wanted to get out and capture it so bad but with the frost came the extreme cold so it made it a bit difficult. But low and behold we got a nice day right before the frost left and Lauren was gracious enough to come play with me. 

We didn't have much time as it was overcast and after 4 but we made it work and she was stunning. The contrast of her beauty against the frost was breathtaking and just what I wanted. 
Thank you so much for coming out and bearing the cold!

Winter Maternity Sessions may be my new favourite!

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