Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stony Plain Engagement Photographer | S&J Engagement

There is something in my brain that freezes people in time. As I look at these photos I can't believe this handsome all grown up man I see that I swear just yesterday was a little boy. 

Jeremy is a man with a true heart and good soul always sporting the biggest smile. A smile I never thought could ever get any bigger......has grown beyond belief. 

Shakera, tall dark beauty :), you have brought light into his life and have given him even more reason to smile. You two are WAY to cute together and your laughter kept me smiling and laughing right with you. Together you support each other, compliment each other and light up any room.

Who knew a little game of Kinect dance 3 years ago would bring you the love of your life! Jeremy set out to DC where Shakera was for an internship. Ring in pocket and nerves on end he proposed on one knee after a romantic dinner together. 

Met in Canada but set to marry in Jamaica a great way to join a little bit of both of you. It will be a stunning wedding full of so much laughter, smiles and love!

Congrats to you both!

Stony Plain and surrounding area, Engagement Photographer

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