Thursday, January 28, 2016

A&E Couple Session | Couple Photographer

Young love, so precious and full of life. We had so much fun out in the snow and lucked out with it being a bit warmer. This session was so full of laughter it was hard to keep it together for all of us!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Every Bride Needs A Princess Cape | Wedding Photographer

Ashley got married back in October, I was already booked for a wedding and we had talked about possiably doing some photos at a later date. Ashley had bought a beautiful winter cape, who could pass up that touch on feeling like a true winter princess on their wedding day. 

There ended up being no snow the day of their wedding, we knew right then and there it had to be worn again with the snow. To top it off I had the perfect winter crown from Chantilly Lace Designs to complete the look!

It was so cold that early morning but Ashley pushed through and it was worth every shiver!

Beauty At Any Age | Over 50 is fabulous | Glamour Photographer

It truly amazes me the restriction we put on ourselves and others. I really wanted to push for women everywhere to recognize and appreciate beauty at every age and stage of life.

Get photographed, capture the true beauty of your spirit for generations to see and hold on to. Let's teach our daughters that beauty has no expiry or limits!

When really thinking about wanting glamour and boudoir to be my focus this year I had to stop and think about why women shy away from being photographed, especially over 50. We are our own worst critics, there is always a reason not to be photographed but why..... every stage and age is beautiful in it's own way.

Women over 50 have accomplished so much, have an appreciation for life like no other and so much spirit to share. These are our role models, the women we look up to, the ones that laid so much out before us and their beauty should be celebrated more then anything!

So where do I start......what about my MOM.

I took a photo of my mom years ago when I very first stared, it is beautiful and we both love it. She is smiling and radiating, it truly showcases her and you can feel her spirit coming out in the photograph. She has since wanted me to take more photos, I have put it off always to busy. Recently she made a comment, "We need to do it before I get to old, maybe it's to late", WHAT.....when does that ever matter. That was it, this needed to happen, we arranged hair and makeup (big thank you to HP Makeup Artistry and Tabitha Weiting with Evolution Salon) and the session was on.

May these images remind my mom and women everywhere that over 50 is fabulous! Don't shy away, let your spirit shine and be captured for all to see. You Deserve It!