Monday, March 25, 2013

Within | Stony Plain Creative Photographer

This has been an idea in the back of my mind for a while. It is a bit darker and sad but has an end that is pure. I wanted to take you on a journey of what you think you see and what we try to portray to what is truly going on inside, the struggle with ourselves. I was so happy to finally make it a reality and put it all together. A big thank you to the below people who were amazing and a great help.

Shannon Liddell - Model
Darlene Brink - Make-up and Hair
Matt Mickle - My Assistant
Connie/Darren - For all my Barbwire
Delta Goodrem - Fragile - Music

No one can see it but deep inside
you feel it. A battle within a place
so raw. Trapped alone and scared
within you hide your deepest tears.
Little by little you find the courage,
the strength to go on, letting go
of all that binds you. Expose it all,
nothing more to hide. Vulnerable
and fragile but pure and whole.
This is truly when you find yourself
and the strength to start again.

Angela Ingram - AJ Photography

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  1. amazing emotional finally letting go and new fragile beginning .... moving forward