Monday, August 9, 2010

Shaving Head for Cancer

I couldn't resist this title, no I'm not shaving my head are you kidding!

My father has jumped on the band wagon and in support of his wonderful Wife and her success is shaving his head for Cancer.

Now to most of you this may not seem like a big deal but for anyone who knows Harry Ingram this is insane, I am still not sure if I believe it and will be there for sure to document the whole thing.  My father's hair has always been thick and full and for as long as I can remember White. It's like a trademark from finding him in a crowd to being compared, by the newspaper, to Bill Clinton and the many nicknames he has acquired because of his hair over the years. 

Many have tried to shave it and long awaited for this day to come.  I am not sure if I will be laughing or crying as his Trademark hair hit's the ground it will be a sight I'm sure (truth be told I think he might even shed a few tears). 

It is incredible the support my family has been receiving and the way such a situation has made us all look at things a bit differently. Most of all the strength and determination of my Step Mother as she has dealt, conquered and pushed through has left us all striving a little bit more.

If anyone would like to donate or show some monetary love to my Father as he say's goodbye to his hair please contact me and I will make sure it get's where it needs to go.

Thank you for all the love and support 

Keep Smiling


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