Monday, February 1, 2010

Connecting With Women We Love - Photo Shoot for Breast Cancer

Ever wanted to capture
the true relationship between
you & your Friends, Sisters or Daughters
Now You Can and For a Good Cause

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AJ Photography
Thanks You for your participation

I, Angela Ingram    , Thank You personally for your generosity
with something that has become personal to me and my family and
For your continual support
For more information please contact Angela


  1. Groups will be booked in their time slots through out the weekend but anyone is more then welcome to come early

  2. Luv Ya....this is a very wonderful cause to support; as my family has been affected with this as well. I am glad I can be a part of this fundraiser; what I better way than to let others know that there are other people who support them too!

  3. Question was asked sharing the awnser

    When Booking

    You will book the time slot with me 780-904-5244 and let me know how many people there will be in your group so that I can allot enough time for your group shoot, I've worked it out to about 15 min per person in the group so a group of 3 will get a 45 min. shoot together.

  4. Each person in the group that pay's the $50.00 for Breast Cancer get's to pick and recieve 1 5x7 wCD and 2 4x6's of there choice from there groups online album after the shoot

  5. Each print is a different image total of 3 different prints per $50.00

  6. It is here so excited I will be trying to call everyone if I don't call I apoligize ahead of time. If there is any questions or directions needed fell free to call me. The address is 186 Brookview Way in Stony Plain and the number is 780-904-5244

    Thank You and see you soon