Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Make a Wish | Watch Me Grow | Children Photographer

Little Miss Hailey already getting so big and full of wonder!  With the cloudy damp weather the mosquitoes have been out full force and this night was the worst!  It was all we could do to keep Hailey's attention as she was very interested in the little creatures :s
But when we did she was full of expression, oh her face I could gobbler her up!

Stony Plain Photographer

Asher is One | Watch Me Grow | Children Photographer

I just can't believe it.........this year went by so fast!  

Asher you are one now, but I still remember you all curled up at your newborn session. I can't wait to see the little man you become over these next years.  This session was made even more special, when Asher's dad proposed to his mom, and on best friends day at that! There is so much love in this family it is a true treat to be around.

Thank you for sharing this last year with me it has been precious.

Stony Plain Photographer

Soon to be 4 | Maternity Photographer

It is hard to believe this little boy was just a tiny bundle the last time I saw him now soon be a big brother.  

I was so happy to see this family again, Caleb's fun and goofy personality made my night.  I can't wait to meet your new addition in a couple weeks. :)

Stony Plain Maternity Photographer